We are avid gardeners now living in
Tacoma, WA. We  have made our own
little farm in an urban setting and enjoy
all the fruits and flora of our labor.

  • Let us help you design a garden.   
  • If you live in an apartment - we build planters for garden and flowers
  • We design planters for wheelchair and handicap accessibility.
Tacoma Urban Garden
is a division of
M&M Irrigation
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When you have a family  that specializes in landscapes, you never know
what comes home and the possibilities that lie ahead.

This metal chair was found years ago in a yard sale.   The chair had been
sitting outside and so the patina was purchased with the chair for next to
nothing.    Fred then made a small flat bottomed wood planter about 2
inches deep that would sit on the chair.      I filled it with dirt and some cast
off Hen and Chicks, and other succulents that the neighbors didn't want.   I
wish the picture gave this striking chair its full due.
Junk Yard Chair and Cast off Succulents
If you want to forgo the last few artichokes of
the season in order to wait for a bloom, you
may find it well worth the wait.    My second
year plant offered at least 1/2 dozen fruits.   I
found a couple small artichokes that I missed
and let them go to flower and seed.   They are
large and beautiful flowers.
Artichokes - Fanciful Flower after Harvest